Ode to my printer

Ode to my Printer

O printer how I love thee. The sound of your lovely arm going back and forth fills me with joy. I am thrilled by your ability to flow forth blue ink long after the wicked computer says you should. I long to hold your warm inky pages in my hand as I wait breathlessly at your door. Our home would not be as beautiful and our school could not exist without you. O wonderful printer how I love thee.

What’s Open 1/16

I have several tabs open from my daily read, Chickens in the Road.  One is making yogurt in the crockpot which sounds easy and tasty.  I hate the ingredients I see listed on the labels in the store so I think I am going to give this a try this week.  I also have been watching the first few days of the newest baby on the farm with much jealousy.  I am so looking forward to the day when I have little goats.  All of her newest goats have cola names meet Dr Pepper here.  He is so cute!  The girls(mostly Tav while Lilmiss did some preteen griping but never got up and left) were fascinated by the actual birthing video she posted here.  We ended up having a whole human birthing lesson and animal husbandry lesson so I found it to be a useful and interesting post.

Next up is an interesting article on one woman’s feelings on circumcision.    My son was born perfect; no disassembly required. I agree one hundred percent  and am so glad I am spared at least this one parenting  mistake.  When we know better we do better helps your feelings but it does not return sensation and dignity back to your child.  Though the majority of cut men probably don’t think about it at all having never know they were missing out on anything.

I am a fan of irreverent humor and I found this funny and enlightening.  The 6 most insane cities ever planned.

I know you will be so shocked to see that there are also crafting blogs and projects up in my browser.  I must have a sewing cabinet!  I have a crafting stash armoire I am very excited to show you in the next few days but I think i need one f these too.

Next up is this great burnt peony fabric flower.  I<3 this so much.  Almost as much as I like this sweater turned scarf. I need one of these badly.

I also found this tasty  popcorn candy mixture she calls Valentine confetti which I am planning on making for the kids Valentine party.

I also found this neat site that I think will give me some interesting ideas for the mixed media I have been playing with thanks to the lovely ~h’s art journaling that she turned me on to.

What’s Open 1/12/11

I thought at the end of each day of surfing I would start to post what I have open.  It is similar to the a picture a day project I am working on but mostly is just interesting.  Hopefully you will find something in it to interest you as well.

In no particular order:

Interview with Farmer Brad is talking about new FDA restrictions on small farms.

Iron Craft is a new crafting themed challenge every week.

The Happiness Project is one womans look at how to be happier.  I haven’t gotten to far into this one but it looks interesting.  I am sure there is some wisdom there.

Rowdy Kittens is a new blog I am following about simple living.

Last but not least is a video of Diana Laufenberg that really spoke to me and is one of the reasons I choose to teach my children at home.  We no longer need to go to school to get the information so it is time to use the information we have an overabundance of to teach children in a new way.

I usually have more up than that at the end of the day but today we went to the dentist to have Tav’s sore teeth checked.  She took quite a tumble off of her bike on Christmas Eve and her tooth was still bothering her.  Good news is her teeth are just sore  from her teeth loosening.  Then we went to pick up Lego’s for CurrClick’s Lego Club.  We missed the class but had so much fun just using the idea from the class.  You were supposed to make a 2011 sign that is designed to fall over and then brainstorm how to make it stable.  We really enjoyed this and even if you just take the ideas and skip the class it is worth it.

I would love to hear what you think about the links and which you found thought-provoking or useful.

My List

I don’t do resolutions.  It smacks to much of setting yourself up for failure.  I do however love a set of goals and if I can combine it with my other great love, lists, all is right in my world.  I plan to come back and add things and cross things off quite frequently.  My goal is one a month but some will be outstanding lifestyle habits I am trying to change so those will just get progress reports.  I am blogging this for my reference so it is a little rough.  Without further ado!

Respecting my body more

this will include

  • eating better
  • drinking more water
  • taking medicine as prescribed or discussing changes with my doctor
  • following up better with prescribed tests
  • going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping 8 hours
  • resting when required and respecting my physical limits
  • respecting my emotional limits
  • my beginning exercise goal is 5 yoga poses a day 2x a day
  • keeping track of these things on my spark page so I can see my progress and get/give encouragement with my friends  and I would love it if you join us.
  • pampering myself

Things just to bring me happiness.

  • my yoga practice.
  • photo a day and 31 days to a better photo and just generally taking the time to learn more about photography
  • crafting something at least 2 a month
  • learn to sew
  • learn to knit
  • learn woodworking
  • doodle more
  • join in more with others blog parties
  • start my crafting blog
  • keep up with our homeschooling and family blog here
  • date my husband at least 2 times every month.  no kid talk no house talk unless it is dreaming together

get more organized

  • homeschool our books, papers, supplies, websites and fieldtrips
  • crafting
  • paperwork
  • time management


HAPPY NEW YEAR! From my family to yours a wish for a joyous and prosperous new year full of blessings.

My view on Christmas


Several times over the last month I have been asked what my stand is on Christmas.  I even had to have a large conversation with LilMiss about why we were celebrating a ” Christian” Holiday.  The thing is you can’t keep Christ in a Holiday made up of pagan traditions.  Elves? Decorated trees? Sun King?  Virtually all of these traditions were taken from ancient celebrations of Yule, the Winter Solstice and the Roman Saturnalia.  Just go google it and a whole world will open to you.  I would love to hear about your google wanderings on the subject and how you felt after:).

There are even atheists that view Santa as a tool.  You must go read here.  Go ahead I will wait.  Interesting huh?  I never thought about it that way and I admit it creeps me out quite a bit now that I have.

I also had a great link to a discussion on but I am getting a bandwidth limit exceeded warning so I am not linking directly.  I am unfamiliar with the site so I have no idea if it happens often.  I do recommend you check it out sometime.

Then there is the Secular group.  Not exactly anti-religious but not super Christian either.  They observe Christmas because that what is on the calendar and that what everyone else it doing.  O and PRESENTS!  Who can pass up an opportunity to spend too much money on stuff they don’t need so they can take the old stuff they didn’t need to a thrift store to get it out of their way.  More than likely they were raised in a Christian household but they will not observe any type of religious ceremony.  Christmas is about family, friends and togetherness for them.

Then there are people like me who want that magic for their kids.  Magic and wonder at the things unseen is something I am trying to instill in my children and Christmas is such a great opportunity for this.  I will be talking about our traditions in later posts so if you are curious about them hang around.



A few questions answered

During my hiatus from blogging I did catch a meme type game over on This Adventure Life.

While I am not officially playing I did find her questions intriguing and wanted to answer them.

Here are the lovely ~h’s questions

What did you do to prepare for homeschooling?

I did not prepare at all.  We were forced into homeschooling due to Tav’s medical issues and I saw that anything would be better than what they were getting in our local school district.

Where do you find your best support for homeschooling?

I find my best support from my lovely friends who can offer solutions and examples when asked.  They will also tell you when you could be doing something better and then let you take their advice or not with no hurt feelings.

Where do you encounter the most difficulty in homeschooling?

I find the amount of choices overwhelming.  From the style to the curriculum even to which forums and blogs to read, ideas and information are limitless and it is all so good hat I find myself always looking for the best thing instead of just picking one and teaching the children.

How do you challenge yourself to be a better teacher?

I strive to constantly learn something new so that I can relate to the children as a fellow student and better understand what they need from me as a teacher.

What is your schedule like?

We are not schedule people.  I hate schedules and being anywhere at a certain time drives me crazy.  Of coarse life does not cater to that but my home can.  I also started with them as babes nursing on demand then teaching them as toddlers to always follow their bodies hunger and sleep cues.  It became natural to continue on this way.  It was one of our great struggles with public school, this arbitrary schedule that did not fit any of our bodies natural cues.  However we are a great family of routines.  We naturally follow a certain routine in response to certain things such as park days or my husbands work shift.

What has been your best accomplishment as a homeschooling parent?

Bringing my family closer together and my children closer to harmony with themselves instead of the chaos that was being created before due to the stresses of PS.

What item has made the most significant impact to your homeschooling?

A physical object?  I would have to say my computer being wired to our TV.  Being able to research things together, watch videos or play games makes our style of learning so much easier.

What is the most important thing that you want your children to come away with as a homeschooling graduate?

Curiosity.  I want them to love learning and I hope that they always want to know what else they do not know and pursue the things that interest them and know how to go about that.

Those were all very good questions and I enjoyed  the opportunity to think more about how we do things and why.