A few questions answered

During my hiatus from blogging I did catch a meme type game over on This Adventure Life.

While I am not officially playing I did find her questions intriguing and wanted to answer them.

Here are the lovely ~h’s questions

What did you do to prepare for homeschooling?

I did not prepare at all.  We were forced into homeschooling due to Tav’s medical issues and I saw that anything would be better than what they were getting in our local school district.

Where do you find your best support for homeschooling?

I find my best support from my lovely friends who can offer solutions and examples when asked.  They will also tell you when you could be doing something better and then let you take their advice or not with no hurt feelings.

Where do you encounter the most difficulty in homeschooling?

I find the amount of choices overwhelming.  From the style to the curriculum even to which forums and blogs to read, ideas and information are limitless and it is all so good hat I find myself always looking for the best thing instead of just picking one and teaching the children.

How do you challenge yourself to be a better teacher?

I strive to constantly learn something new so that I can relate to the children as a fellow student and better understand what they need from me as a teacher.

What is your schedule like?

We are not schedule people.  I hate schedules and being anywhere at a certain time drives me crazy.  Of coarse life does not cater to that but my home can.  I also started with them as babes nursing on demand then teaching them as toddlers to always follow their bodies hunger and sleep cues.  It became natural to continue on this way.  It was one of our great struggles with public school, this arbitrary schedule that did not fit any of our bodies natural cues.  However we are a great family of routines.  We naturally follow a certain routine in response to certain things such as park days or my husbands work shift.

What has been your best accomplishment as a homeschooling parent?

Bringing my family closer together and my children closer to harmony with themselves instead of the chaos that was being created before due to the stresses of PS.

What item has made the most significant impact to your homeschooling?

A physical object?  I would have to say my computer being wired to our TV.  Being able to research things together, watch videos or play games makes our style of learning so much easier.

What is the most important thing that you want your children to come away with as a homeschooling graduate?

Curiosity.  I want them to love learning and I hope that they always want to know what else they do not know and pursue the things that interest them and know how to go about that.

Those were all very good questions and I enjoyed  the opportunity to think more about how we do things and why.

One response

  1. First of all, I LOVE your new header! It’s beautiful:)

    Yay for questions answered!! I love this:
    ‘Bringing my family closer together and my children closer to harmony with themselves instead of the chaos that was being created before due to the stresses of PS.’

    December 19, 2010 at 12:55 am

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