What’s Open

What’s Open 1/16

I have several tabs open from my daily read, Chickens in the Road.  One is making yogurt in the crockpot which sounds easy and tasty.  I hate the ingredients I see listed on the labels in the store so I think I am going to give this a try this week.  I also have been watching the first few days of the newest baby on the farm with much jealousy.  I am so looking forward to the day when I have little goats.  All of her newest goats have cola names meet Dr Pepper here.  He is so cute!  The girls(mostly Tav while Lilmiss did some preteen griping but never got up and left) were fascinated by the actual birthing video she posted here.  We ended up having a whole human birthing lesson and animal husbandry lesson so I found it to be a useful and interesting post.

Next up is an interesting article on one woman’s feelings on circumcision.    My son was born perfect; no disassembly required. I agree one hundred percent  and am so glad I am spared at least this one parenting  mistake.  When we know better we do better helps your feelings but it does not return sensation and dignity back to your child.  Though the majority of cut men probably don’t think about it at all having never know they were missing out on anything.

I am a fan of cracked.com irreverent humor and I found this funny and enlightening.  The 6 most insane cities ever planned.

I know you will be so shocked to see that there are also crafting blogs and projects up in my browser.  I must have a sewing cabinet!  I have a crafting stash armoire I am very excited to show you in the next few days but I think i need one f these too.

Next up is this great burnt peony fabric flower.  I<3 this so much.  Almost as much as I like this sweater turned scarf. I need one of these badly.

I also found this tasty  popcorn candy mixture she calls Valentine confetti which I am planning on making for the kids Valentine party.

I also found this neat site that I think will give me some interesting ideas for the mixed media I have been playing with thanks to the lovely ~h’s art journaling that she turned me on to.

What’s Open 1/12/11

I thought at the end of each day of surfing I would start to post what I have open.  It is similar to the a picture a day project I am working on but mostly is just interesting.  Hopefully you will find something in it to interest you as well.

In no particular order:

Interview with Farmer Brad is talking about new FDA restrictions on small farms.

Iron Craft is a new crafting themed challenge every week.

The Happiness Project is one womans look at how to be happier.  I haven’t gotten to far into this one but it looks interesting.  I am sure there is some wisdom there.

Rowdy Kittens is a new blog I am following about simple living.

Last but not least is a video of Diana Laufenberg that really spoke to me and is one of the reasons I choose to teach my children at home.  We no longer need to go to school to get the information so it is time to use the information we have an overabundance of to teach children in a new way.

I usually have more up than that at the end of the day but today we went to the dentist to have Tav’s sore teeth checked.  She took quite a tumble off of her bike on Christmas Eve and her tooth was still bothering her.  Good news is her teeth are just sore  from her teeth loosening.  Then we went to pick up Lego’s for CurrClick’s Lego Club.  We missed the class but had so much fun just using the idea from the class.  You were supposed to make a 2011 sign that is designed to fall over and then brainstorm how to make it stable.  We really enjoyed this and even if you just take the ideas and skip the class it is worth it.

I would love to hear what you think about the links and which you found thought-provoking or useful.